Service Level Agreements


Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is provided to you by Frontier Network Limited.

Planned Maintenance

Except in an emergency or in circumstances beyond our control, we will endeavour to give you at least 10 Working Days’ notice of any Planned Outage. Such notice will include:

  • A brief description of the Planned Outage
  • Date and time of the Planned Outage
  • Estimated duration of the Planned Outage

Such notice will be given by way of email. However, in the case of an emergency, we may give you a shorter notice by way of a telephone call.

Low Level Maintenance

We may carry out low level maintenance such as software/firmware checks and updates once a week on a Sunday in the early hours to your customer premises equipment, this is to ensure the lastest security is applied to the installed equipment.
This low level maintenance will cause no more than 15 minutes of interruption to your service.
Our next maintenance window is: 16/06/2024 - 3AM - 5AM
Our last maintenance was on: 09/06/2024 - 3AM - 5AM

Out of Hours

Our network is monitored 24x7x365 and our team is always on hand to dispatch our on-call engineers in the event of a unplanned outage affecting the core network. The on-call team will attend the affected location, except where daylight is required for safety reasons.

Fault Reporting

You can report faults to us 24x7x365 via email and Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00 via phone where it is logged on our ticket management system.

Any faults or suspected faults on the services must be reported to our team on 01377 258888 or via email on

Fault Categories

Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4
100% Affected Service > 50% Affected Service < 50% Affected Service Other

Response and Restoration

Type Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3 Priority 4
Response 1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours 8 Hours
Restoration 1 Day 2 Days 4 Days N/A

Internal Escalation Path

Priority Level Escalation Level
Service Team Level 1
Team Leader Level 2
Technical Manager Level 3